Marc Bode ;

A musician since 12 years old, very natural to the guitar developed improvisational skills immediately. By age 18 he decided to take the role of vocalist . Always a bit flat, took study and read books and took lessons 1 on 1, to hone his craft and master his voice. Successfully being a lead vocalist performing live shows singing blues, hard rock, and heavy metal with in weeks! He still sings and performs live acoustically and in duos as well as full bands to this day!

At around age 32 his son looked up at him and asked….” are you a professional voice changer?” Well Marc was always good with his ear and enjoyed cartoons growing up hearing the voices of Mel Blanc, and Scooby Doo. He could always tell who did multiple roles even as a child. It touched him that his son asked him this, ” when raising my child I would always talk in character and copy things he liked as well as introduce him to some of my favorites being Hong Kong Fooey and Speed Buggy”, So he thought, what better way to show your child you can pursue whatever you’d like , by doing just that.

Studying Acting, Improv and Voice Acting @ Long Islands New York Voice Over Academy, with Chuck McKibbon, Advanced Voice Acting For Animation with Bob Bergen, Producing demos with Dan Duckworth In NYC (east coast) and demos with Marc Graue in Burbank , Ca (west coast)

This lead to a multitude of IMDB credits for On film work as an Actor, Cinematographer, Producer, Grip, Props Master, Assistant Director,and of coarse Music credits.

Currently working from a home studio, Non Union.

Don’t mind Traveling for work, it gets me out of the house!

I hope to work with you soon…..